Who Stole The Stoles? The King Family Is All Over This Blog Post, EvalPalooza! Kane On Vergara, O’Keefe On Girls, Drucker On Gates, SFC Plays Big, So Do High School Hedge Funders, Reservation Schools, Pensions, Blockchains…And Pho!

It’s June 7. On this date in 1982 Priscilla Presley opened Graceland up to the public.  Elvis offers a lot of lessons, here’s one we might reflect on. Mayoral control is good for me but not for thee! That seems to be the ethos in New York. Today in why we can’t have nice things: Kevin […]

Friday Fish Porn AK And CO

It’s hard to beat summer in Alaska. Here’s Bellwether Associate Partner Ali Fuller in Alaska with a fat salmon headed for the plate.  Does this look familiar to you? It’s not Ali’s first time in Friday Fish Porn, here she is last year with another salmon, different trip. And here’s Tim Taylor of America Succeeds […]

Friday Fish Porn – In The Salt

Here’s Chad Ratliff – Assistant Superintendent in Virginia’s Albemarle County* Public Schools for instruction and innovation – with a shark he and his son pulled in a few weeks ago (presumably before it could bite anyone).** They let it go. And former CRS analyst and current R Street Institute wonk (and actual whiskey expert) Kevin […]

Friday Fish Porn

In the spirit of the summer, let’s get to some fish pics! Suzanne Tachney leads PIE Network, a coalition of state education advocacy organizations.  She’s a former state board of education member in California among other education roles.  And her son is a fisherman and interested in education. He’s finishing an MBA at Berkley and […]

Friday Fish Porn – More Chesapeake Bay!

I thought we got all the stripers out of our system last week but it turns out there are more.  Here’s CRS’ Kevin Kosar with some rockfish – a double he caught last weekend.  Kosar is a polymath. He knows federal education policy inside and out and he’s also an expert on whiskey.  Either one […]

Whiskey River Don’t Run Dry…

W.C. Fields is said to have remarked that you should, “always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.”  Those might be good words for Kevin Kosar, who’s a pretty accomplished education analyst but also an expert on all things whiskey.   His new book on the subject […]

Posted on Oct 5, 2010 @ 8:05pm

Back In The Saddle

Big thanks to J.B. Schramm for stepping in while I was away. College-going and grad rates seems to have been something of a theme last week along with some other issues: Six Degrees of Kevin Carey. In The Los Angeles Times Kevin Carey and Lindsey Luebchow write about graduation rates for athletes and the NCAA […]

It’s Over…

Gotta be fast on the draw around here. Reader Emily Cherniack of the National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition & Language Instruction Education Programs was the first to email the correct answer to this morning’s contest: Ravitch was Kosar’s dissertation advisor. She wins a book (second prize, two books!).

Two Standards Op-Eds…And A Contest!

Kevin Kosar, author of this book about national standards, turns in an op-ed on their resurgence as an issue. In The Chronicle of Higher Education Diane Ravitch discusses the evolution of national standards setting. There is a connection here, non-issue specific, first reader to email it in wins a free copy of Collective Bargaining In […]