Why Loudoun Matters…Where Are The Scouts?

The drip drip from Loudoun County, Virginia, in regard to a sexual assault incident(s) continues.  Today we learned, ONLY ON WTOP: Loudoun County’s superintendent notified the school board the same day a female student was sexually assaulted at Stone Bridge High School, according to an email obtained by WTOP. https://t.co/Re4vkD7H60 — WTOP (@WTOP) October 22, […]

Kaepernick And RBG Might Offer A Lesson For “CRT?”

Julia Galef has a great book recently out called The Scout Mindset. The world needs scouts and soldiers but Galef argues the scout approach has unique value. I’d say that’s especially true in a sprawling sector like education. Oversimplifying a bit, scouts seek to see things as they are and have habits around seeking dissenting […]

Crime Beat

I promise I’m not going to turn this blog into a police blotter – but that would be easier than it seems in our field these past few years – Chicago, Atlanta, DC, this item below, and so forth as well as some episodes I’m sure I’m forgetting. But per this item on Parkland the […]

Odds & Ends: Florida Arrests, LAUSD, Culture Wars…

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” Happy Birthday William. Kids like him! He’s relevant today! If there is a policy issue you really want to tackle Emma Vadehra is organizing the next cohort of Next100. Security experts generally agree the 2018 Parkland massacre, where 17 people were killed in a school shooting, was a […]

School Reopening – It’s All Politics Now?

It’s easy to knock (and a favored sport for some) Politico for focusing on horse race politics – but the debate about reopening schools has become horse race politics not substance so this is a pretty good overview: President Joe Biden’s vow to reopen most schools during his first 100 days is crashing into demands of […]

Posted on Jan 28, 2021 @ 3:58pm

Is Not Pivoting The New Pivot? Funders Are Good/Bad/Human…Plus TFA In The Dock In CA, School Safety, Janus Fallout, Music…More…

Music at the top here: Bellwether’s house band Chord Values. Happy Opening Day! Slow blogging, since last week, sorry, for a sector where nothing is happening it’s surprisingly busy. But a bunch of stuff below. Funders! Something you hear a lot in certain rooms in this sector is how so much money is dirty. Don’t […]

LAUSD Teacher Strike…Harvard’s Clubs, School Security Boon, More!

Here’s a pretty good look at the fiscal pressure on LAUSD and its various causes: Some facts about the cause of LAUSD’s financial woes straight from a 2015 independent financial review. (note how many recommendations were not acted upon). Sorry, this is long, but that reflects the complexity of the root causes. @capriceyoung @MichaelPetrilli @arotherham […]

School Choice Case, Native Ed, Student Voice, Homework, More!

@ Bellwether: Cara Jackson on the reform label debate, and some context. Katrina Boone on education and Native Americans. Elsewhere: Keep an eye on this Montana school choice case. Parkland report. Despite all the talk about student voice, it’s remarkable how few states involve students in state board policymaking in anything beyond a ceremonial role. […]

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Early Ed’s Growing Pains, School Shootings, AF Growth, Mace & College, Kirst Exit Interview, Books Behind Bars, Bears, More!

Important Sara Mead on the growing pains of the early ed movement and the leadership that’s needed to drive progress. Kirsten Schmitz on your favorite fictional teacher’s retirement deal.  Andrew Frank on participatory budgeting. In The 74 I ask whether scaring kids about guns is going sour their parents on gun politics – and regardless […]