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"tackle[s] a potentially mindfogging subject with cutting clarity... they're reading those mushy, brain-numbing education stories so you don't have to!"
-- Slate's Mickey Kaus

"a very smart blog... [if] you're trying to separate the demagogic attacks on NCLB from the serious criticism, this is the site to read"
-- The New Republic's Ryan Lizza

"a daily dose of information from the education policy world, blended with a shot of attitude and a dash of humor"
-- Education Week

"everyone who’s anyone reads Eduwonk"
-- Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media's Richard Colvin

"don't hate Eduwonk cuz it's so good"
-- Alexander Russo, This Week In Education

"I check Eduwonk several times a day, especially since I cut back on caffeine."
-- Joe Williams, New York Daily News

"designed to cut through the fog and direct specialists and non-specialists alike to the center of the liveliest and most politically relevant debates on the future of our schools"
-- The New Dem Daily

"I've hit the big time and can retire now, I made Eduwonk!"
-- Abigail Smith, VP Research and Policy, Teach For America

"peppered with smart and witty comments on the education news of the day"
-- Education Gadfly

-- SusanOhanian.org

Education News and Analysis

American Educator
Chronicle of Higher Education
Education Next
Education Week
Jay Mathews' Class Struggle
School Wise Press
Teacher Magazine

Education Blogs

A Constrained Vision
a schoolyard blog
Assorted Stuff
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Chris Correa
Critical Mass
Daryl Cobranchi
Dave Shearon
DC Education Blog
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Policy and Political Blogs

Andrew Sullivan.com
Bull Moose
The Corner
Daniel Drezner
Donkey Rising
The Fly Trap
The Has Been
Matthew Yglesias
Noam Scheiber's &c.
New Donkey
Political Animal (Washington Monthly)
Volokh Conspiracy

Publications of Note

Collective Bargaining in Education: Negotiating Change in Today's Schools

Edited by Jane Hannaway and Andrew J. Rotherham

Why Newsweek's List of America's 100 Best High Schools Doesn't Make the Grade

By Andrew J. Rotherham
and Sara Mead

A Qualified Teacher
in Every Classroom

Edited by Frederick M. Hess, Andrew J. Rotherham,
and Kate Walsh

Rethinking Special Education For A New Century

Edited by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Andrew J. Rotherham
& Charles R. Hokanson, Jr.

Open the Preschool Door, Close the Preparation Gap

By Sara Mead

Better Pay for Better Teaching

By Bryan C. Hassel

Educational Resources and Organizations

AALE Charter School Accreditation
Alliance for Excellent Education
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Broad Foundation
The Brookings Institution
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Center on Education Policy
Center for School Change
Center on Reinventing Public Education
Charter School Leadership Council
Coalition of Essential Schools
Democratic Leadership Council
eSchool News
Education Commission of the States
Education Sector
The Education Trust
Just for the Kids
Learning Point Associates
National Association of Charter School Authorizers
National Center on Education and the Economy
National Council on Teacher Quality
National Governors Association
New Leaders for New Schools
New Schools Venture Fund
Progressive Policy Institute
PPI's 21st Century Schools Project
Public Impact
Standard & Poor's School Evaluation Services
Standards Work
Teach for America
The Teaching Commission
Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
Trust for Early Education
The Urban Institute

About Eduwonk
Eduwonk is a blog written by Andrew Rotherham, co-founder and co-director of Education Sector. Occasional guest bloggers will also post their thoughts.

Education Sector is an independent research and analysis organization. Therefore, the opinions expressed here should be considered to be those of the authors rather than organizational viewpoints.

We're always grateful for articles, tips, and other information that readers pass along, as well as for reader feedback about items. You can reach Eduwonk at eduwonk@educationsector.org

So welcome and enjoy Eduwonk!