Friday Fish Pic – Take A Kid Fishing

Here’s a lovely picture of the daughter of Ellevation’s Jordan Meranus enjoying a day on the Colorado River near its headwaters last month. It’s not her first time on the blog, here’s one from 2007. If you want to browse the world’s largest collection of education types with fish, more than 100 pictures, including – […]

How To Take A Kid Fishing In Three Steps!

Petrilli did it. I don’t know why, but despite my frequent pleas to get outside and take a kid fishing it was this picture of Fordham’s Mike Petrilli fishing with his kids that has prompted several emails and calls from colleagues asking, ‘I want to do this, but how?’  One person even said that he […]

Posted on Oct 19, 2012 @ 1:23pm

Friday Fish Pics – Hot Stove Edition…Take A Kid Fishing….

It’s winter so fishing is a bit more scarce – although I am getting out this weekend for an annual trip for trout. They’re already wet and cold so seem not to mind the weather. But education consultant Julie Corbett sent along some warmer weather fishing pics. What strikes me is how engaged the kids […]

Posted on Feb 1, 2019 @ 12:03pm

Friday Fish Pics – Jason Weeby Takes A Kid Fishing

Summer is speeding by so here’s a reminder that if you can pull it off then take a kid fishing while the weather is good and the days are long. Not sure how, here are some tips. Easier and more fun than you might think. Bellwether’s Jason Weeby takes this advice: Here he is with his […]

Take A Kid Fishing

It’s almost the end of summer so time for a periodic PSA. Get outside! Find time some weekend and take a kid fishing -it’s good for them and for you! Here’s Bellwether’s Jason Weeby out with his son on the same water he fished as a kid. How do I do that you ask? No special […]

Want To Improve Science Achievement? Take A Kid Fishing

This week’s TIME column is about science teaching.  If you’re not happy with our science achievement there is something we can all do – get kids outside more. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, so let’s start this column with a nod to my 9th-grade science teacher, Bruce Butler, who lit a spark in me by making […]

Posted on May 11, 2012 @ 7:05am

Friday Fish Pics – The Fishing Kosars

Kevin Kosar lives the ‘take a kid fishing‘ lifestyle. He’s a frequent fish pic contributor around here, sometime guestblogger, and has locked horns, or rather antlers, with Ali Fuller about who runs the show. In any event, here’s his daughter, Anna, who is something of an accomplished angler already at 7, with a catfish at […]

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 @ 8:30am

PostSecondary And Higher Ed, Free Edits, Opt-Outs, Charters Stranger Than Fiction, Mathematica Evaluates Everything, ACT/SAT, Plus Commercial Fishing

A lot of higher education news today, it’s curated for you at RealClearEducation. It’s cold and rainy in D.C. and doesn’t feel like baseball weather but it’s also the Nationals home opener. And it’s Bobby Doerr’s birthday. He is 98 today. In birthday news closer to the education world today’s the birthday of a terrific education […]

Friday Fish Pictures! More Alaska, This Time W/ Kids!

Bill Tucker is senior advisor at the Gates Foundation working on the U.S. Program’s College Ready work.  This summer he and his family took an Alaska trip. And they did this: And that involved this… ..and this… …and some of this! You know what’s coming…take a kid fishing! It doesn’t have to be in Alaska […]