Sandy Hook & Schools

Even before all the details are known, what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary this morning is clearly a horrible human tragedy, unimaginable whether or not you are a parent. It’s also a gun violence tragedy and we have way too many of those – and I say that as someone who is generally pro-gun rights […]

More Sandy Hook

Two Three columns today about how Sandy Hook has turned into a peg for all sorts of unrelated cultural, political, and policy agendas from Governor Huckabee and the Tea Party on the right to Karen Lewis and Diane Ravitch on the left:  Carl Cannon in Real Clear Politics here and Campbell Brown in Daily Beast here.  […]

CTU President Karen Lewis On Sandy Hook: Teach For America Kills

I’ve had little to say about the heartbreaking Sandy Hook Elementary massacre because for the most part I see it as a horrible societal problem that visited a school, not a school problem.  Our schools have their challenges but overall they’re safe places for youngsters.  I have a column coming in TIME on the gun […]

States And Talent, Less NAEP Means More NAEP? Transparency Means Better Finance? Oakland Charters, Names At Yale, Tenure And Free Speech, Prince And Students!

Christine Campbell on principals and how states think about talent in education.  Phillip Burgoyne-Allen argues for a bit less NAEP, which could mean more NAEP: If we didn’t have the data above from 2005, 2009, and 2013 – meaning these NAEP tests were only administered every four years – would we really be missing out […]

A Life In Letters: H.R. 2083

A bill is moving through Congress to put in place a common set of standards for criminal background checks for educators.  The bill, sponsored by George Miller, the California Democrat who is the ranking member on the House Education and Workforce Committee, passed the House and is on its way to the Senate. Addressing this […]

School Safety, Part 1: Children Deserve Action

Guestblogger Kori Milroy teaches grammar school science. She participated in New Voice Strategies’ VIVA Chicago Idea Exchange and is coauthor of the 2011 collaborative report “Time, Teachers, and Tomorrow’s Schools.” Like most schools in America, my school conducted a lockdown drill shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre last year.  During the drill, we were instructed […]

The Gun Issue

Last week I wrote about Uvalde and the issues around school safety and firearms safety. Mary Wells and I also wrote this. The short version is that these episodes are shocking but far more rare than most people realize. Schools are safe and trying to convince parents otherwise in pursuit of political goals is counterproductive no […]

Yes, Another One.

I had some content teed up but it can certainly wait. Here is short note from Mary Wells and me, there really are not words but we tried. Again yesterday parents in an American town had their world shattered by a truly monstrous act of violence. And although the facts are still coming into focus, […]

Posted on May 25, 2022 @ 2:30pm