Friday Fish Porn – Offshore

Education entrepreneur Josh Reibel was offshore earlier this month in New York, before the storm. And, yum. Tuna. It’s not Josh’s first time on fish porn. Want hundreds more pictures, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans of education people with fish? Well here ya go. If you have a good pic (or even a bad pic […]

Friday Fish Pic – Take A Kid Fishing

Here’s a lovely picture of the daughter of Ellevation’s Jordan Meranus enjoying a day on the Colorado River near its headwaters last month. It’s not her first time on the blog, here’s one from 2007. If you want to browse the world’s largest collection of education types with fish, more than 100 pictures, including – […]

Friday Fish Porn: Upping The Ante Edition

For the past few weeks in education fly fishing circles there has been some buzz that this photo of Dutko’s Ben Wallerstein in Alaska raised some, umm, you know, size questions relative to Wireless Generation’s Josh Reibel’s recent striper.  Today, upping the stakes, the Reibel clan sends along two photos from a recent Panama trip.   All prior education fish porn pics […]

Friday Fish Porn: Innovation Edition

In fly fishing the move into use fly rods on salt water led to a lot of innovations in the sport. In education, the company Wireless Generation is doing much the same. Wireless Generation President and COO, Josh Reibel, combines both. He’s a regular fly rodder on the flats off of Long Island around Gardiners […]

Posted on May 30, 2008 @ 8:42am