Reading First Drama

There will be a lot of Reading First news in the next few days, but today the chatter is about Andrew Brownstein’s expose on the inside goings on.

Reading First

If you’re following the debate, you can’t do a lot better than the big round-up from Title I Monitor*. *I’m on the advisory board but am not involved with any of this, thank God.

More Reading First!

Two new stories from the dogged Title I Monitor stories about the Reading First controversy just out here and here. Quick reax: (1) Not sure the conflict of interest stuff with Doherty’s wife is a big deal, especially because he didn’t try to hide it and did initially disclose it, but that’s going to get …

Mike Petrilli’s Two Front Testing War (And His Guerrilla Campaign Over Reading First)

Mike Petrilli responds in NRO to this earlier piece laying down the conservative marker against national testing. Petrilli makes the case that choice needs standards and standards need choice. That’s obviously a case I basically agree with. But seems that Petrilli’s essay is as much a defense of standards and testing in general as a …

Head Start, DeVos In The Hot Seat And DeVos Debate, What’s Next For Labor? Petrilli V. Ladner…On Nannies! Charter School Enrollment Up, Texas Reform Down? Edsall On Integration, Scholastic On Reading, Friedrichs 2.0, First Amendment, School Finance In The Family, And More!

Shots! Don’t miss New York’s Tom Carroll on the battle lines in the DeVos debacle. Agree or not channels a lot of what you hear behind the scenes by way of recriminations. Plenty of people disagree as well, of course. Important Marnie Kaplan / Sara Mead analysis from Bellwether on Head Start work policies.  Here’s Kaplan …

Reading Not First

After the House cut Reading First funds in their appropriations bill, eyes were on the Senate to see whether cooler heads would prevail. Not really, $230 million cut proposed there.

Don’t Teacher Eval The Science of Reading, WonkyFolk On Higher Ed, Finance, and Trades, Plus VA History Standards In The Standard

ICYMI last Friday, North Dakota’s Kirsten Baesler and I discussed teacher shortages and education politics on a Linkedin video chat. Don’t Teacher Eval Science of Reading Out today from Bellwether here’s a look at some Science of Reading pitfalls and opportunities. Basically, my colleagues and I look at how can SOR advocates learn from rather …