The Piscalnator Is On The March

In Los Angeles… Mike Piscal, the hard-charging founder of the Inner City Education Foundation, has a far more audacious goal than that. As he sees it, the expansion plan he is announcing today will lead to nothing less than the transformation of South L.A. “into a stable, economically vibrant community.”

Piscalnator Returns!

Last seen here driving north toward Sacramento in a convertible with two bottles of Jack Daniels, a pellet gun, and a bag of beef jerky, Mike Piscal is back and at it again at the HuffPo. Today’s radical, tomorrow’s CW. So read it now while it’s still edgy. Once you’re hooked and ready for more, …

Please Sir, More Grad Rates…Now, With Free Bonus Grad Rate Politics And The Plan To Deploy The Piscalnator!

The Ed Week grad rate map makes the cover of USA Today (the low-fi state map at right, not the high tech county one)…along with a big story by Greg Toppo in the top spot. I think this means this debate is mostly over. Game, set, and match to Swanson et al…I’m not particularly troubled …

Good Question

The Piscalnator wants to know if teachers’ unions want to organize and help charter schools, or destroy them.

Weekend Viewing

GMA takes a look at View Park Prep (ICEF)* and The Piscalnator.   And Michelle Rhee, George Miller, and Senator Durbin visit Shaw Middle School in Washington.  *Originally said Park View.

ICEF Comes Up Roses

The Rose Bowl already looks like the most interesting match-up of the day tomorrow, but here’s one more reason to watch it:  LA charter school network ICEF will be featured at halftime.  Some background here and here on their work.  Of course, you also don’t want to miss the Cotton Bowl…

From The Charter Networks…Plus An Edujob

Hope everyone had a great Don Shalvey Day.   In other charter network news, KIPP’s Mike Feinberg takes to the pages of the Houston Chronicle with some advice for President-Elect Obama.  And a few weeks ago we checked in with the Piscalnator who is busy taking over LA.   The state of California just announced that it’s putting $2.1 million …