Parkland At 3

The Parkland school shooting was three years ago today. One parent of a student killed that day, Alex Schachter’s father, Max, created a non-profit to disseminate best practices about school safety. They’re launching a database of school safety incidents in Florida – School Incident Report to increase transparency and support for schools to do better. An […]

Situational Leadership In Edu, Today In Headlines, Parkland Suit…

OK, it’s awfully hard to defend Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, especially when she shows up again and again at hearings seemingly unprepared to answer what should be obvious questions. Yet there is also an element of the unserious to the whole process. We might remember how when Al Franken “mansplained” to her about testing […]

LA Teachers Strike, Anderson & Faust, Willingham To Funders, Parkland, Testing, More!

The strike is on in LA. It’s about bigger political agendas than the district (national narratives, political ambitions of people involved, etc…) and so the district’s situation is getting lost. Remember, from 2001-2016 expenditures in LAUSD are up 55%, but salaries and wages 24%. That’s in large part because spending on benefits are up 138% […]

Bankert On Tight Loose, Korman On JJ, Aldeman On Pension Data, Plus ELLs, Parkland, Alexander, Bad School Information, Bad Applications, Clarence At Christmas, More!

2018 holiday book list tomorrow. Lina Bankert on how to think about tight and loose in school networks. Chad Aldeman on how teacher pension data are a treasure trove on questions far beyond just retirement policy. Hailly Korman on the juvenile justice bill on its way to the President’s desk. Related, have you played “Rigged” yet? […]

Guns And Schools, School Safety, Parkland Discipline And More! Plus – Are The Strikes Overplaying Their Hand, No Roadshow For Impact, More!

Bonnie O’Keefe and Aara Johnson in the MinnPost on multilingual ed. In The 74 Drew Pache and I look at school safety and what schools can do to to improve security without terrifying kids or turning schools into bunkers. Not a lot of enthusiasm for arming teachers. Revisiting the 1982 Lake Braddock school shooter episode in […]

The Gun Issue

Last week I wrote about Uvalde and the issues around school safety and firearms safety. Mary Wells and I also wrote this. The short version is that these episodes are shocking but far more rare than most people realize. Schools are safe and trying to convince parents otherwise in pursuit of political goals is counterproductive no […]

Yes, Another One.

I had some content teed up but it can certainly wait. Here is short note from Mary Wells and me, there really are not words but we tried. Again yesterday parents in an American town had their world shattered by a truly monstrous act of violence. And although the facts are still coming into focus, […]

Posted on May 25, 2022 @ 2:30pm

Student Voice…And Good News On Pensions? More…

Coming attractions: I’m hosting a Twitter discussion for the WISE Education Summit next Tuesday morning. Twitter may not be a real place, pace Dave Chappelle, but I’ll be there. How are kids doing anyway? Well, ask them. On academics, though, they may not be doing so well. This new analysis of learning loss is sobering. It […]