Friday Fish – More Kosars!

It’s unclear to me how Kevin Kosar stays either employed or married given how much time he spends fishing with his daughter. But she is one lucky girl. If you are looking for hundreds of pictures of education people fishing – often with their families – then you have come to the right place.

Ed Drama; The Ocean’s Hot Dog and Brookings Teacher Diversity Study; Fish Porn; Kosar Signs Off;

This guest blogpost is by Kevin Kosar, author of Failing Grades: The Federal Politics of Education, who edits the Federal Education Policy History website and is a senior fellow at the R Street Institute. I am running low on laptop battery and conveniently left my charger in Washington, DC. So I will keep this quick. …

Friday Fish Porn – Weather Warming Up, Kosar’s Already On The Water, It’s Back!

It’s warming up, that can only mean one thing around here….fish pictures. That, and the shad run is on in the east. Here’s Kevin Kosar (education analyst, whiskey expert, father extraordinaire, and perennial candidate for mayor of Fish Porn) with a nice one from the Potomac River. Shad are an amazing fish. Here’s John McPhee’s …

Knowledge Matters…New Podcast, Admission From Beta By Bellwether. Fish Pics!

Light posting, spent the week on the West Coast. Saw a Neil Young and Stephen Stills show that was pretty special. And spent a few days with the BARR Center at their conference. It’s such a high energy and hopeful event each year. WonkyFolk Jed Wallace and I released another WonkyFolk. We ask why after …

Friday Fish Porn – Catfished!

Here’s Kevin Kosar with catfish on the Potomac River from earlier this month. Kosar’s a frequent flier around here, on substance and fish. Some say he’s the Mayor of Fish Porn. Want more? Hundreds of education types with fish are here and here.