Are The Geezers Smarter Than The Kids?

The Bush Administration is betting that they are…but apparently betting wrong. And, Bush Administration has developed a point-system to rate education reporters. How handy! And how completely wasteful and inappropriate a use of taxpayer dollars… Update: Roll Call has more.

The Coming Geezer War…And, Update! Eduwonk Leaves Irony Behind

In case you missed them, here and here are accounts of Alan Greenspan’s comments the other day about entitlements. If you care about education finance this is not an arcane or irrelevant issue. In fact, it’s a central one. The looming resource squeeze as the baby-boomers head into their golden years threatens to swamp all …

Denver 2008 V. Denver 2018, Plus Lots Of Finance: Pensions, State Spending, Omnibus Bill. And The Great 8 DIY’s, New Line, Sup’t Searches, Food Searches, More!

Edujobs below, scroll down the main page. Kirsten Schmitz with some background and context on pensions and the teacher walkouts. Chad Aldeman on pension reform in Kentucky. This is a smart take on the geezer war and what it means for debates over teacher pay. I’ve been doing this work for a couple of decades and …

Gray Matter

Interesting Ron Brownstein article from NJ about generational and racial demographics and fiscal burdens and the attendant politics. Big implications for education finance.  Some early and preliminary evidence that older citizens are less likely to support school finance issues on the ballot in mixed race districts, for instance.  Past “Geezer War” items here.

State Of CA

California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell’s annual state-of-the-state on education speech is worth reading. Among other interesting notes, pronounced achievement gap and Geezer War mentions.

Squeeze Play

It’s not the Geezer War per se but trends like this should alarm public school supporters nonetheless.