Friday Fish Porn: The Good Kind Of Catfishing

Here’s Bellwether’s Ashley LiBetti out on Virginia’s Shenandoah River with a catfish she caught kayak fishing. A few things about the Shenandoah bear mentioning. It’s a lovely river and a lovely name. There is some disagreement about the etymology. It’s a Native American word that, depending who you believe, is related to person’s name, means […]

Friday Fish Pics – Hot Summer, Cold Water

Here’s a lovely trout caught by Natasha Wanjiru, a student at Sewanee University in Tennessee. This summer she’s a counselor at Green River Preserve Camp, where this beauty was caught. Natasha is an alum of Bridge International Academies in Kenya. It’s a good reminder that it’s camp season again and that fish make people smile so take […]

Friday Fish Porn – Catfishing Mayor

Kevin Kosar has become the Mayor of Fish Porn. And, he caught this catfish last weekend on the Potomac. Scroll down for some other recent fish porn or click here for hundreds of education types with fish. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Fish Porn! Scheduling Wyoming Time

Regularly scheduled fish porn. Jack Shaw does business development and data science work at Abl, a company focused on equity through scheduling solutions for a real pain point for schools – the master schedule. Founded by Adam Pisoni, one of the more interesting entrepreneurs running around our sector, Abl is a good reminder that you […]

Friday Fish Porn…More Than A Pretty Face

Wallerstein…he’s a known commodity around here with the fish. And in the ed sector with this firm. Got a fish pic? Ship it and become part of this archive of hundreds of education people with fish pics.

Posted on Apr 16, 2021 @ 8:00am

Friday Fish Porn – First Of The Year

It’s starting to warm up. Here’s education entrepreneur and NYU adjunct prof Jonathan Harber with a rainbow trout from the Connetquot River on Long Island. If you fish, we overweight fly fishing around here but all kinds of fishing is welcome and appreciated, and are somehow involved in education (or even your kids or grandkids) send […]

Posted on Apr 2, 2021 @ 10:51am

Friday Fish Porn – Catfished!

Here’s Kevin Kosar with catfish on the Potomac River from earlier this month. Kosar’s a frequent flier around here, on substance and fish. Some say he’s the Mayor of Fish Porn. Want more? Hundreds of education types with fish are here and here.

Friday Fish Pics – Bellwether Edition

Here’s Bellwether’s Christine Wade with a sunfish (and an all-natural green screen) in West Virginia. And I don’t usually post my pictures, seems gratuitous, but I enjoy a good fish story and I went fishing in West Virginia’s rivers too, this week… It’s fall so the pace of fish shots around here slows down…but you […]

Posted on Oct 2, 2020 @ 8:15am

Friday Fish Pic: Goldstein Goes Largemouth

Mike Goldstein is an educational polymath and one of the original guestbloggers here and a returner many times since – where he goes wild. But I think fish pics is a first. He took some family time in New England and this picture of a largemouth bass is a pandemic-era trifecta: time outside, smiling kid, […]

Fish And Filing

Friday Fish Porn alum Austin Dannhaus (he’s done more than that) is running for School Board in Oakland.