Friday Fish Pics, Fish Porn, And Fish Policy!

Julie Corbett is an education consultant who is a frequent flyer on fish porn. Here’s her son enjoying some fishing on Lake Champlain this summer.  Julie and Janice Garland recently published this analysis for CCSSO on the state implementation of the federal requirement for More Rigorous Options for underperforming schools. And that brings us to […]

Mini-Corbett Catches a Mini-Perch

Cute picture alert: This mini-perch was caught by Julie Corbett’s almost-3-year-old son in Lake Champlain (Vermont side) a few weeks ago: Click for more Friday Fish Pictures. –Guest post by Chad Aldeman  

Friday Fish Pics – Hot Stove Edition…Take A Kid Fishing….

It’s winter so fishing is a bit more scarce – although I am getting out this weekend for an annual trip for trout. They’re already wet and cold so seem not to mind the weather. But education consultant Julie Corbett sent along some warmer weather fishing pics. What strikes me is how engaged the kids […]

Posted on Feb 1, 2019 @ 12:03pm

Friday Fish Porn — Holiday Edition

Julie Corbett is with Mass Insight Education in Massachusetts, they’re the folks who put out the big turnaround report last year.  Turns out her sister, Rachel Corbett, is an artist with trout as her muse.  This is her holiday card from this year, one of several she does using various trout (or salmonids for the sticklers). Happy […]

Posted on Jan 2, 2009 @ 2:22pm