Friday Fish Porn – More Chesapeake Bay!

I thought we got all the stripers out of our system last week but it turns out there are more.  Here’s CRS’ Kevin Kosar with some rockfish – a double he caught last weekend.  Kosar is a polymath. He knows federal education policy inside and out and he’s also an expert on whiskey.  Either one […]

Charles Blaschke

It’s not Friday, but we’ve got a fish picture, right, of Charles Blaschke, who passed away earlier this month at 77. A seasoned fisherman and hunter, Charles was a fixture on the DC ed scene dating to his time in the Johnson Administration and at OEO. He founded TURNKEY Systems, a precursor to much of […]

Barth Challenges Higher Ed, VA Teacher Data Lawsuit, Pensions Challenge IL, Cruz On Edu, Richmond On Equity, Today In Education Political Counterfactuals, And More. Plus Free Willie!

This video might teach you something about pensions – and it’s must-watch for teachers. New DQC report on student data. Richard Barth calls on colleges to get serious about helping low-income students get a leg up: Imagine if leaders at 40 of the most selective colleges in the country stepped up, with a commitment to […]

Friday Fish Porn – In The Salt

Here’s Chad Ratliff – Assistant Superintendent in Virginia’s Albemarle County* Public Schools for instruction and innovation – with a shark he and his son pulled in a few weeks ago (presumably before it could bite anyone).** They let it go. And former CRS analyst and current R Street Institute wonk (and actual whiskey expert) Kevin […]

Friday Fish Porn – Stripers!

Barbara Davidson is a longtime standards and curriculum expert.  Most recently she’s been working on Common Core implementation as Deputy Director for the  curriculum organization Common Core (named and operating before the Common Core state standards were on the scene).  There is plenty of disagreement about those new standards but hopefully everyone can lay down […]

Friday Fish Porn – Comms Edition

Kenneth Baer is the founder and CEO of Crosscut Strategies, a great comms, media, and strategy firm. They also do crisis comms, which I hope you don’t need but if you do… Ken wrote what is considered perhaps the definitive book on the rise of New Democrats in the Democratic Party. He also likes to get outside […]

2018 Holiday Book List

Running behind on your holiday shopping? As in past years, here are some book ideas from the past year (past year for me, they’re not all new and one is quite old): There’s a reason everyone is talking about Tara Westover’s “Educated.” In its totality it may not be representative or generalizable, but it is indisputably […]

Bradford On The Panic At The Pondiscio, Panic About TFA, LAT Rips Gates, Pensions! Pearson! Terry Ryan Is A Happy Warrior!, Professorial Hess, Inconvenient DC, Title I In Practice, English Canon In Theory, Third Way Everywhere! Great Ed Navigator Tool, Weeby On Detroit, Urahn On Retirement, Korman Cautions, Bonus: School Transportation And Non-Metaphorical Sinking Ships! Plus More!

4th Circuit won’t hear the VA transgender restroom case again. Darrell Bradford weighs-in on the Panic at the Pondiscio: Does and should the conservative or “Market” perspective — one focused on choice, pluralism and opportunity as the prime drivers — continue to have a place in the education reform movement, effort, confab, or whatever you […]

Friday Fish Pics- Kosar Returns!

Education analyst and professional whiskey expert Kevin Kosar took his son fishing along with a friend. They hooked into this big (31″) catfish near Fletcher’s Cove on the Potomac.  Also – and Potomac-related –  don’t miss his take on CRS. Through this link you will find hundreds of pictures of education types with fish. You can […]