Ben Carson On Education, Charter School Data, Smarick Speechwrites, Cami Anderson Interviews, Hess On Evaluation, New Brookings Reports, Higher Education, South Dakota On The Move, Is Evidence? Plus Penguins & Fish!

So apparently Ben Carson will run education for Donald Trump? Well, when Campbell Brown of The 74 asked him about education he said,  “Campbell, I think no child should be left behind.” OK then… Meanwhile, in actual school improvement goings on, a lot on charters: Here’s a new NACPS report on the health of the charter movement. A […]

Barr For Mayor? Remembering Challenger, CAP On Achievement, School Choices, JeffUVA And Agile Mind, Tenure, Cami Anderson On Charters…Today Featuring Sharks!

It was 30 years ago today that the Challenger lifted off from Florida – with New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe aboard as one of the seven astronauts on that mission. President Reagan: There’s a coincidence today. On this day 390 years ago, the great explorer Sir Francis Drake died aboard ship off the coast of Panama. […]

Cami Anderson Strikes Again

I wrote about Cami Anderson’s pathbreaking work in New York City for USN in ’09.  She’s still at it and The Times points to one of her successes.

Bias! And Lessons From MSIs. Plus Charters, Teachers, And Hipsters All Look Alike…More!

Sara Mead on why curriculum and teacher quality are not either/ors. Max Marchitello and Justin Trinidad with a new analysis about lessons MSI’s can teach more generally about training teachers to work with diverse populations. Here’s Justin on the ed school faculty piece of that conversation. Meanwhile, Brookings asks if the teaching force is becoming more diverse? This […]

LA Teachers Strike, Anderson & Faust, Willingham To Funders, Parkland, Testing, More!

The strike is on in LA. It’s about bigger political agendas than the district (national narratives, political ambitions of people involved, etc…) and so the district’s situation is getting lost. Remember, from 2001-2016 expenditures in LAUSD are up 55%, but salaries and wages 24%. That’s in large part because spending on benefits are up 138% […]

Is Teacher Prep Improving? Plus Pearson, Chu, NCTQ, & Anderson. More!

Some education types on this list of women changing Silicon Valley – including New Schools alums Wayee Chu and Jennifer Carolan of Reach Capital.  ICYMI – concerns about the NAEP modality with the shift to digital. NAGB says they’re on top of it, a lot of skepticism out there that goes beyond just state chiefs complaining. […]

Newark, Pension Funds, Scouts And Gender, Gender And Tech, Personalized, More!

Teens and anxiety, important. So the idea is out there that teachers unions and hedge funds and private equity are mortal enemies. That’s understandable if all you pay attention to is social media and the rhetoric. In fact, they are more like frenemies, because teachers’ union controlled pension funds are one key source of funds […]

STEM, SCOTUS Special Ed Dissents, Charter Growth, Discipline With Cami Anderson, Remediation With Checker Finn, Hockey Dog! Plus More!

I talked with Ron Ottinger of STEM Next about STEM, equity, and what he wants to see happen. Non-discriminatory laws are key to a dynamic business climate these days – but so are great public schools and some choice for parents amongst them. The Richmond Times-Dispatch makes that point in relation to the veto of […]