They’re Furious In Oklahoma. Plus, Baesler Chat Friday, Science Of Reading Implementation

ICYMI – the 2024 Eduwonk In and Out list is here. Something for everyone to love and hate.

Tim Daly is going deep on the whole Finland education marketing play. We’ve discussed that a few times around here. And don’t say you were not warned.

Coming Attractions

In spring 1997, the Red River flooded in North Dakota (as well as parts of Canada and Minnesota). The devastation was particularly intense in Grand Forks. Prom was out of the question for area high schools until they decided to host a joint prom in a hanger at the Air Force base there. Soul Asylum showed up to play! They played a great set with some ed specific covers – including “To Sir, With Love,” “Tracks of My Tears,” and “Schools Out.” I’ve heard they also played a CCR cover that didn’t make the album that came out of it. On Friday, we’ll get to the bottom of that because I’ll ask North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler (she’s also a former CCSSO president) about it in a LinkedIn chat we’re doing at 12p ET. She was there.

We’re also going to talk about teacher shortages and teacher policy. There is a reason Baesler’s been in that job for more than a decade and it should be a good conversation you can join on LinkedIn.

Last summer I noted that Science of Reading advocates were not going to do themselves any favors by salting the earth in their wake and risked creating the conditions for backlash. That’s one of the issues a new Bellwether publication looks at about the history of the reading debate and what advocates can learn from other high-profile reform issues. Look for that and a webinar with leaders on that issue later this month.

In the meantime, NCTQ has a publication out this week on Science of Reading implementation.

Paws for Effect

There is some sort of infurection happening in Oklahoma. That state has some characters who seem to be furiously auditioning to be Secretary of Education if there is a second Trump administration. On tap now, this bill below. Which, rather than try to describe to you, I will just post here verbatim because you would not believe me otherwise especially about one claws at the end. I don’t know under Oklahoma law if the bill has to be purrfected.

On the upside, I guess if you want your identity codified and respected then calling animal control is not nothing. Not sure the bill’s sponsor thought that through.

For what it’s worth, I’m not one or part of that community, but I’m basically pro-furry. I mean, who cares? Seems to fall pretty squarely in the do whatever you want if it doesn’t harm others bucket. If you profess to love freedom it sort of follows you are pro or tolerant of a lot of things, furries included. These people may have the right bumper stickers or tee shirts but they don’t love freedom or personal liberty. And no, kids aren’t getting litter boxes in schools. Take a break from the internet and go volunteer or something.

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