Don’t Teacher Eval The Science of Reading, WonkyFolk On Higher Ed, Finance, and Trades, Plus VA History Standards In The Standard

ICYMI last Friday, North Dakota’s Kirsten Baesler and I discussed teacher shortages and education politics on a Linkedin video chat.

Don’t Teacher Eval Science of Reading

Out today from Bellwether here’s a look at some Science of Reading pitfalls and opportunities. Basically, my colleagues and I look at how can SOR advocates learn from rather than repeat past reform missteps. Also includes a lot of history on reading instruction and reading politics.

Key points:

  • Reading is vital for academic and life outcomes — and early reading is especially important. 
  • The evidence base on what it takes to read is strong, but trends in teaching have diverged for decades. 
  • Advocates for the Science of Reading seek to close this gap in order to achieve better reading outcomes. 
  • States and localities are trying to improve outcomes through policies to support better reading instruction. 
  • But politicization and implementation could threaten otherwise promising progress. 

Read the report here.

Join us for our webinar, What’s Next for the Science of Reading? on Monday, January 29 at 3pm ET. 

WonkyFolk Takes On The Hairy Stuff

Jed Wallace and I have a new WonkyFolk podcast up today. We discuss finance, higher education, the trades and education, and, of course, the Furry Wars in Oklahoma. And we preview our first live episode, which against better judgement someone has invited us to do.

You can get it here or below or wherever you get your podcasts. Most people choose to listen rather than watch, and that’s understandable! But you can do either below.

Recent History

NASBE asked me to reflect on the history standards process in Virginia. Also today in the new State Standard I do that and offer a few lessons learned. It’s part of this broader package on curriculum.

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