Gratitude Edition – Turkeys At WonkyFolk, Portland, And Thanks!

Jed and I laid down a special Thanksgiving WonkyFolk this week. I’ll save you going to the show notes for the WKRP link – featuring one of the finest Virginians, Tim Reid. We discuss Jed’s walk on the Camino, gratitude, school visits, leadership transitions at CMOs, Virginia’s election, and what’s up with the parent action – parent polling disconnect.

Or listen here or wherever you get your podcasts:

They say most of the time you’ll spend with your kids is before they’re 10, and certainly before they’re 18. Portland parents, then, are getting some bonus time. They should be grateful to the teachers union not frustrated that schools have been closed this month! What ingrates! Portland parents, and education experts, Christine Pitts and Andy Jacob (of Bellwether) discussed the strike with me on LinkedIn earlier this week.

As I try to say often, thank you. Grateful for your readership. Even at a time education reform is less front and center, Eduwonk continues to do more than 2 million page views each year. So thanks for your time and attention or just your interest in fish.

Happy Thanksgiving!