2023 Eduwonk In and Out List

The dust has settled from the New Year, resolutions, lists, and so forth. So back again (here’s last year), the Eduwonk In and Out list. Here’s an unscientific, impressionistic, and often informed by “don’t tell anyone I sent this email” missives from colleagues, take on what’s coming and going in 2023.

Look for a more serious stocktaking analysis from BW later this month.

What’s Out What’s In
Arguing about what to call learning lossIgnoring learning loss
School board fights about CRTSchool board fights about budget cuts
Teacher shortageTeacher union member shortage 
Race-based affirmative actionClass-based affirmative action 
Savings rate Education savings accounts
Wishful thinking on academic recovery after COVIDWishful thinking on school enrollment after COVID
Ken Paxton Jason Miyares 
Scale Microschools 
Focusing on Centering
Students don’t write enough in schoolAI writes too much in school
Demanding billions in emergency pandemic relief Questioning billions in emergency pandemic relief
Quiet Quitting Quiet use of the SAT 
Reading WarsScience of Reading wars 
Parents’ rights on curriculumParents’ rights on academic progress
Political red wavesPolitical Red Weddings 
Stereotyping Cultural competence 
CovidJohn Bailey’s Covid newsletter 
Book banning Trolling 
Accountability Choice 
Portfolios Mergers 
Celebrating excellence Assuaging pissed-off parents 
The right using LGBT kids as political props Right and left using LGBT kids as political props 
Diligence Blank checks 
North v. South Texas v. California 
Happenstance Navigators 
Drag shows as transgressive fun Drag shows as virtue signaling 
Student loan forgiveness Student loan lawsuits 
Loudoun County controversy Fairfax County controversy  
Cultural Marxism Cultural nihilism 
Let teachers teach!Teachers as social workers and therapists
Asynchronous Face time