Loudoun County Situation Is Probably Worse Than You Thought – Certainly Worse Than You Were Told.

Over the past year and a half I wrote a few posts on Loudoun County and how the “narrative” about it was often at odds with the facts on the ground. From an October 2021 post:

A common response to those posts was the idea this Loudoun controversy was all partisan, it was transphobic, it was much ado about nothing. In fact, the local newspaper, The Washington Post, could barely be bothered to report on it in any depth until today. It was freelance journalist Matt Taibbi – far from a local – who did the most definitive deep dive.

This is the key takeaway from a grand jury report released today about Loudoun’s handling of two sexual assaults:

There really aren’t words for such a failure of institutional responsibility to young people. It reminds me a lot of Parkland although thankfully no one was killed.

The report also includes chapter and verse of the school division’s effort to thwart this investigation. Too much to pull quote here, but if you think this entire parents rights and transparency issue is BS that Glenn Youngkin cooked up, well just read it.

Education media, that assiduously managed to avoid this story, might ask themselves why? The role of journalists is to ferret out facts, not parrot political narratives. That it was the Daily Wire or Taibbi looking into this rather than, or at least in addition to, our sector’s ed media (and hometown paper The Post) is a blemish on the sector. Stuff like this is inexplicable, a kid was raped. A preventable assault happened.

The tell should have been that every time, multiple times, the courts had an opportunity to shut down this investigation they didn’t. The most sensational narratives – from the idea on the right that trans students were marauding in bathrooms to the idea on the left that this was all BS – should have been suspect. But it was clear something was going on and local officials were not being transparent.

Education advocates and leaders might ask why they, too, as with Parkland, lost their voice in the face of a politically complicated set of circumstances where, again, we are talking about fundamental issues of student safety.

Seems like that applies more broadly than just LCPS?

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  1. My heart goes out to these victims. They are the unintended victims of an epidemic of poor governance and a public disconnect with local school administrators. In Virginia the school boards are taught by their professional development association that their role is to approve policy, hire a superintendent, and approve the budget. They work as elected advocates for the division rather than elected representatives of the people. This lack of oversight is the result of the acceptance that school staff, not the people’s elected representatives, are the authority. Across the Commonwealth this occurs in divisions and all parties seem to accept it. This is a wake up call for all school boards to reinstitute your authority and all administrators to recommit to serving the people, not the school division. It may be time for new professional development organizations for Virginia’s SB members or a commitment from the VSBA to empower the school boards instead of the superintendents. Poor governance results in cover ups and lack of accountability.

  2. Nothing has changed. Today, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to approve spending $250,000 to “research how families were harmed by the county’s past efforts to fight desegregation in schools.” And after they come to their predetermined conclusion? Reparations, paid to people who have never been discriminated against (quite to the contrary, in fact) by people who had nothing to do with a prior generation’s discrimination.

    We vote, yet nothing changes; the Marxists simply refuse to accept the outcome and barrel ahead undeterred. But I have no sympathy for Loudoun – or anywhere else in the US. You people had decades to stop this, but you were too busy watching football or Tik Tok or Netflix or some other frivolous diversion to care. Well, get ready for that 20% reparations tax you will soon be paying – it, like this “study,” has been years in the making, and now it’s too late.

    The people of Virginia, Loudoun, and America deserve everything that’s happening now and everything to come.

  3. The level of irony of Virginia’s motto is fitting. Once the enablers of Marxism meet the logical conclusion of their beliefs, they will lash out in anger. I have no intention on being around for that.

  4. A girl was raped at her school in Loudon County, and the Washington Post didn’t even cover the story; and it was a local story! Remember all the coverage the Washington Post provided when a black girl cried about being bullied by students at her Alexandria elementary school a few years ago? It turned out the black girl lied, she fabricated the whole story to get attention. But the Washington Post ran with the story for two weeks, along with CNN and the New York Times. All because the lie took place at the school where Vice President Pence’s wife worked. The far left media has lost all credibility over the past 20 years. They do not provide news, they distribute propaganda.

  5. @John

    All you wrote is true, and the Post’s behavior was – and continues to be – outrageous. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

    The Marxists have been orchestrating this war for decades – what were you doing all that time? Stop mewling; learn to sublimate your outrage into action, or accept the inevitable.

    So John, what are you going to do about it?

  6. You can see from the comments mocking the use of the term “Marxism”, that the commenter either is ignorant of Marxism, or worse is one who agrees with its nefarious outcomes. My experience has been that 90% of those who espouse socialism, don’t even know what it is and entails. And worse, they refuse to engage with non-believers, and either deride the critic as a person, or go into hiding when a critic surfaces.

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