Time To Take On Big Bus? School Choice Requires An Ecosystem Around Schools…That Includes Transportation

Reason with a video, (fair warning, I’m in it), for school choice week looking at the school transportation challenges a lot of families face. Here’s an article about it as well.

The solution to transportation issues, in school and more generally, is going to be a blend of public and private. I’d like to see school and municipal transpiration more integrated to better meet the needs of families, but that won’t solve for all the issues or necessarily spark greater innovation.

School transportation is some of that blend now, and shows how market shortfalls necessitate public sector involvement – just like education more generally. And that will realistically be a blend of subsidies, direct provision of services, and private sector activity. Again, that sounds a lot like pre-k through higher ed more generally, too.

But first, we need to engage with the current situation – which is about more than bus driver shortages.

Here’s an analysis of transportation and options like controlled choice, magnets, and diverse by design charter schools.

We don’t do learning styles around here, but here’s our 2019 slide deck “The Challenges and Opportunities in School Transportation Today,” our 2017 report “Miles to Go: Bringing School Transportation into the 21st Century,” and our 2017 video “Better Buses: Three Ways to Improve School Transportation, in Under 3 Minutes.”

Here’s a look at the impact on the environment of buses and a look at student safety and buses.

And here’s the aftermarket for school buses.