Eduwonk’s 2022 In & Out List

In our work at Bellwether we do a lot of advising and forecasting — from proprietary research to public decks looking at broad regional or sector-specific trends and issues. That’s serious albeit interesting work, and gives us a decent barometer of what might come ‘next’ in our sector. People have said, “you should do an in and out list”. So, OK. As the year wraps up, here’s an in and out list about where we’ve been and where we’re going in 2022 on education. It’s sardonic and serious, but please don’t shoot the messenger. Like a lot of our work, it’s what I see happening, not always what I’d hope for.

But, although this isn’t the last post of the year, I do hope a peaceful and healthy 2022 for you. 

out in
School board fights School board recalls
Lucy Calkins on high-quality reading instruction Lucy and the football on high quality reading instruction
Ban together as idiom Ban books as cause
Jobs Jabs
Charter schools School choice
Masks as a metaphor Masks as a way of life
Teachers teaching about Ruby Bridges “Moms for Liberty” burning bridges
Doing SEL Defining SEL
Ed writers Matt Taibbi
It’s complicated Monocausality
Staff development Staff shortages
Student debt jubilee! Targeted student debt reduction
Fiscal cliffs Carryover rules
Tracking Pathways
CRT in education CRT in elections
Cryptic philanthropists Cryptophilanthropists
Owning the libs SALT
Early ed as the next big thing Early ed as the next big thing
Accountability Dashboards
2001 1619
Virginia is for Lovers Virginia is for ed pundits
Consulting Collaborating
Fiscal equity Equity math
De Blasio Bloomberg
Retrograde dress and hair standards The CROWN Act
Mental health days as euphemisms Mental health days as a policy
Free speech Free college
New unionism Old unionism
Low expectations for too many Black students because of racism Low expectations for too many Black students because of racism and “anti-racism”
Strategic planning Strategic refresh
Leesburg Pittsburgh
Working together Collective action
Myers-Briggs Type Indicators Horoscopes