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Readers –

A lot of you get Eduwonk daily via emails from the feedburner on the right. Unfortunately, I cannot maintain that going forward because Google is not supporting the product any longer.

So if you like to read that way, via a daily email, I suggest you subscribe to the new Substack I am creating. It’s free, just like here, and will update irregularly with content just like here. And you’ll get it in your email box.

Not an email subscriber? Then this is a great way to start and to get Eduwonk in your email box.

And you can always come here and read whenever the mood strikes.

If you are currently subscribed to the Feedburner, a few things.

First, you should now be signed up for the Substack, I migrated the emails. If you didn’t get a welcome email, then you should go there and subscribe yourself. 

And second, once your Substack is working you can unsubscribe from Feedburner so you don’t get dupe emails. The content will be the same.

As always thanks for reading!


PS – The Eduwonk Twitter account, which gently and automatically bleats out content that’s posted here is another way to keep up.

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  1. Good question. We’ll keep it for now, yes, but I am not sure about functionality over time because Google is not supporting the tool any longer.

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