Bellwether Is Hiring, A Few Book Recs, Fish Story…More….

At Bellwether we’re hiring for a few roles – including a brand new graphics role.

We talked recently about the coalition of the pissed off, and this ouster of a district sup’t might illustrate the issue. He was attacked for being too DEI-focused, not enough DEI-focused, and for a mask mandate.

Reading more than writing lately – a few quick recommendations. Randall Kennedy’s new book of essays, Say It Loud! is nuanced and accessible across a range of issues.

Bonnie Synder’s Undoctrinate previews the next front in the curriculum and pedagogy wars, which may not go like a lot of folks in the non-profit world think it will.*

Did not read Ashley Berner’s No One Way To School when it came out in 2017, topical right now.

No fish porn but here’s a great fish story about a young person following their dream.

*When more than 50 percent of Black parents and more than 60 percent of Hispanic parents support removing lessons on white privilege from classrooms it suggests these issues are more complicated than they’re being treated in much of the discourse. Related, this Texas Monthly article is important.