Off-Edu: Let’s Beat Cancer

Every summer I ride my bike 192 miles across Massachusetts* as part of the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The why of that is a longer story, but the funds I raise help support the amazing research they do at DFCI – and 100 percent of what I raise goes to DFCI not the overhead of the ride. 

Cancer research anywhere helps people everywhere because of how treatment protocols work. And Dana-Farber, where they pioneered chemotherapy among other treatments, is the kind of place where breakthroughs happen.

Each summer I raise at least $20,000, which this year will be part of the PMC’s $52 million goal. If that sort of effort appeals to you I’d be grateful for your support. Cancer cuts short too many lives and I firmly believe it’s beatable.

You can learn more about my ride and donate here. Thanks for considering.

(Photos: Upper right, Jack McCarthy, a wonderful early education leader and great supporter of the PMC who I see along the route on the Cape. Above left, part of the team I ride with, including education advocate Bill Phillips. And most importantly, above center and right, why I ride.)

*Sturbridge to Provincetown.