Odds & Ends: ARP Plans, CRT, 14% Of Charlottesville Parents Asking WTF? More…

I wrote in The 74 about the debate over transgender students and sports and why and how I think we can do better. Guest post below from Shilpi!

This is a pretty good take on the CRT wars, that might help answer the why so little attention to the structural problems in education at a time like this,

Far safer to equate radicalism with social hygiene. Far easier to act like feelings are the unit with which we measure racial justice. The question is, how did the same misplaced sense of radicalism that burned down laundromats in 2020 produce $5,000 a plate antiracism dinners in 2021?

When the race to the moon got underway the consensus, voiced by rocketeer Wernher Von Braun, was that the U.S. had a sporting chance to get there first. I’m not sure our ARP spending odds are that good. Anyway, here’s a look at State ARP plans.

There are a lot of gifted kids in Charlottesville, Virginia. And as our friends at Axios might say, but but but,

the division’s gifted coordinator, said 86% of students were identified as gifted this spring, following changes aimed at opening up the label to more students — a label that’s essentially meaningless in that it doesn’t provide anything different for students formally identified as such. Third- through 11th-graders were screened for gifted education this year.

Homeschoolers may not be what you think – come for that, it’s worth the slog through the tired adult politics. Via New Yorker. 

Periodic reminder of something we’ve talked about around here from time to time, teachers unions and hedge funds and private equity are frenemies.