Odds & Ends: Sports, Math, More…

Eli Broad has passed.

Last week I took a look at the math debate in Virginia. Jay Mathews has a column on it today.

Transcend’s* Jeff Wetzler and Sujata Bhatt on R&D and innovation. Also from Transcend this is a good look at some of the tensions educators are thinking through right now. The other night President Biden called for a DARPA for medical research, why not one for education?

The Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society has an initiative on Reimagining School Sports In America*. Part of the work is identifying strong approaches across a range of school types. Here’s a look at what ICEF’s Park View Prep in LA is doing. More than a third of students at Park View Prep play sports, compared to about one in five charter students overall. The report also highlights some other schools.

The elusive youth vote, it went up in 2020.

This seems unlikely to bring more light than heat to the debate about transgender students and high school sports.

*BW works with Transcend and I’m on the advisory board for the Aspen project.