Odds & Ends: Rosenberger Revisited, Reading War, Panic’s List, Covid Theater

Here’s an interesting look at an interesting First Amendment case, Rosenberger v. Rector.*

Panic at the Pondiscio offers a pretty good list on life in the ed sector, though I assume no one will agree with all of them, especially the hot take on sports.

Summer must be coming. Randi Weingarten is now really for opening schools.

Reality is, this whole thing is sort of theater and politics with some epidemiology sprinkled on top. Local unions, not to mention parents and communities, are going to do what they want and perceive is in their best interest. Hopefully next fall the progress we’re seeing now on Covid continues. But it’s all still dynamic. And localized. In some places they’re getting ready to wrap up an entire year of in-person school, in others there’s not a lot of live instruction.

The new Pfizer authorization should help. But my read is we were too reluctant to open schools last fall and winter, we’re too reluctant to close them now when cases start to show up. That, too, of course varies by locale.

Now this is a reading war.

*May be a ($) link for some, apologies if you cannot get through.