Freddie deBoer On The SAT

I’m a bit underwater today so probably no posting. Instead, I’ll refer you to this essay yesterday from Freddie deBoer. It’s really good. I’ve mentioned his book “Cult of Smart” a few times. I disagree with some key parts of it, but it’s the best counterpoint to the general thrust of reform efforts to come along in a while and he offers an alternative. In any event, even if you don’t share his politics or take on things, he’s an engaging read almost always. He’s also a fearless writer.

Today’s essay is about the SAT but it’s only partially about the SAT. It’s also about our increasingly inability to have debates about important issues based on the facts about those issues rather than tribal posturing and signaling. That seems like a big problem for a field that’s ostensibly about learning. And that, more than the SAT stuff, which probably won’t be surprising to most readers, is why I recommend it.

I could preview it more here but just read it.