Cardona In The Dock!

It’s a safe bet that Miguel Cardona’s confirmation hearing today won’t be as lively as the last one –  Betsy DeVos’ was something of a train wreck. He’ll get protection from Democrats, the country is in a crisis, and he’s a pretty consensus pick. Still, expect some interesting questions that preview coming attractions and some efforts to create wedges on school reopening.

For now education is being strongly driven from the White House. The West and East  Wings have education talent as does the VP’s office. That’s the key subtext here. 

Some additional 411: Here’s a deck Bellwether shared with clients last month outlining Cardona’s background and key issues.

And here’s my take on the pick.

Keep an eye on the Deputy Secretary hearing, she’s been criticized for a lack of transparency with the media and the public, charter advocate have concerns, and questions have been raised about her views on student discipline.