Friday Fish Pics!

2020 is no picnic, but there are a lot of worse ways to wade through it than by taking a kid fishing.

Here’s education consultant Cami Anderson doing exactly that with her fantastic son on the Truckee in Northern California. It’s not risk free, the child of a mutual friend of mine and Cami’s once walked into my backcast in Colorado and got a – thankfully barbless – hook in the back. Every time things don’t work out just right for that kid I blame myself.

But, overall very little can go wrong and a lot can go right. Get outside

Photo credit her husband Jared Robinson – who is a very solid angler and a great person to spend time on the water with.

Wait, Friday fish what? Friday Fish Porn is a longtime but episodic feature around here but it’s quite straightforward: It’s education people with fish. Hundreds since 2006. (Unless specifically requested we go with Friday Fish Pics when it’s kids.) Send me yours!

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