Reopening, A Reopening Webinar, And A 1080

Some coronavirus and schools reading:

In US News Lauren Camera looks at the issue of non-compliance when schools “reopen” this fall – and who has the choice in the first place. Schools are going to need a plan for how to operate if they physically open, a plan for remote learning if they have to close, and then probably this third plan for robust homebound instruction in places where parents say, thanks, no.

Want to talk more about reopening issues – this webinar next Tuesday with Pepperdine, The Line, AEI & Bellwether  will look at the issue – space is limited.

The 74 has a new vertical on pandemic education coverage. And from 74 here’s a look at a big idea out of Cleveland. Will coronavirus be rocket fuel for competency-based approaches? I asked that and some other questions earlier in the week.

Schools need resources to address coronavirus related issues, and state budgets are going to be a trainwreck, but a fiscal game of chicken over reopening doesn’t seem that productive.

A 1080,