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The Bellwether Policy and Evaluation team is starting the search for paid summer interns. Please send good candidates our way!

Robert Kelchen and Zhuoyao Liu find that the release of gainful employment data led some low-performing for-profit colleges and programs to close.

The new Denver School Board tilts the membership balance toward teachers’ union issues for the first time in years. Read Lynne Graziano on what that means for the city.

Anne Wicks on a new tool designed to help education leaders implement their vision and adopt research-based interventions.

I’m all for better reading instruction, and the declines in NAEP reading scores are certainly troubling. But is there any evidence that the recent NAEP declines were caused by some recent change in reading instruction? If so, what was it? As I’ve written in the past, we have a decent research base on how students learn to read, but we’ve been unsuccessful so far at translating that knowledge base into actual teaching.

–Guest post by Chad Aldeman