Weekend Edu-Reads

“Be cautious of the long-run benefits from $6 solutions.” That’s University of Pittsburgh researcher Lindsay Page talking about “nudges” designed to help high school students make better decisions about college.

Over at TeacherPensions.org, I have a piece looking at what age most teachers enter the profession, including some state-level breakdowns.

Don’t read Conor Williams unless you want to be depressed.

Rick Hess calls Joe Biden’s education platform “the most energetically liberal presidential agenda in American history.” Really? That seems a bit hyperbolic. Or maybe Rick is just defining the field narrowly? One could argue that many of our most “energetically liberal” federal education policies came during Republican administrations.

On K-12 education policy alone, I think I’d rank the presidents something like this, from most to least energetically liberal:

1. George W. Bush

2. LBJ

3. Ike

4. Carter

5. George H.W. Bush

6. Clinton

7. Obama

45. Trump

I’d put Biden’s platform, which essentially boils down to “more money and more resources without any new accountability,” somewhere after Obama on this list. But I’d love to read your rankings and justifications in the comments.

–Guest post by Chad Aldeman