Sara Mead On Trump And Head Start, Bennet, Integration, More…

Sara Mead on some Head Start policy changes and how fixation on President Trump’s antics on Twitter districts from real policy changes with substantial effects.

Elizabeth Ross on state efforts around teacher quality.

Today in integration news. Lest you think this is an outlier there is a lot of crazy stuff like this that happens around various school recognitions.

Also, a dispatch from Charlottesville. And an issue that’s hardly unique to Charlottesville.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is running for President. You don’t see a lot of former school superintendents do that – I believe Strom Thurmond was the last one. That’s pretty much where the comparisons end but it’s interesting trivia. In that vein, I remember when Bennet was superintendent in Denver and you’d go to schools with him both the teachers and the students were often quite familiar with him. He clearly got out there a lot and was keenly interested in student work, what goes on in classrooms, and used student work to drive conversations about quality. It was impressive and not the norm.

New superintendent in Boston.

And to glory I will go.