Rocketship, Research To Practice, Public Relationists Win Again, High School Rankings…

Cara Jackson continues her discussion of research to practice. Part deux!

In my previous post, I talked about the importance of rigorous research and the need for researchers to engage directly with education stakeholders. Yet some educators remain skeptical about the value of partnering with researchers, even if the research is relevant and rigorous. Why might education agencies fail to see the value of conducting rigorous research in their own settings?

This is a very good analysis of the Windfall Elimination Provision, which affects a lot of teachers, why it exists and some ways it could be improved. Via Urban Institute.

One of my favorite quotes is a Mark Twain one about how few things are more annoying that a good example. Well, a lot of people seem to find Rocketship annoying. (They’ve been a client).

Whitmire v. the media. Round 2.

U.S. News High School rankings are out. (Backstory/disclosure here).

We sometimes talk around here about public relationists versus achievement realists, which are the two basic computing theories of action among public school supporters. But rarely do the public relationists just come out and say that what they’re up to is a marketing campaign. But it’s 2019 and here we are:

The marketing campaign will try to tell the story of recent changes to the state’s high school graduation requirements, accreditation standards and early childhood education. At the announcement Monday inside Richmond’s Patrick Henry Building, Northam — surrounded by superintendents from across the state — said not enough people know about them.

Meanwhile achievement continues to stagnate or decline. But hey, good slogan.

Loose Lucy.