For Charters The Crypt Might Not Be The Safest Place? Moskowitz – Shapiro Debate, Real Estate, Testing Politics, Research To Practice And Caring For Young Children…More…

This Sara Mead piece on care of young children is both fun and deadly serious.

There is a research – practice disconnect, Cara Jackson looks at what can be done. 

Eva Moskowitz keys off this Richard Whitmire column the other day to note that lawsuits involving her school get a lot of ink but when the school prevails it’s crickets. That sparked this response from NY Times’ Eliza Shapiro.

John Fallon remembers a Pearson employee killed in the Sri Lanka attacks this weekend.

Kate Walsh on the human cost of education politics.

Bruno Manno on mobility report cards.

Dale Chu on testing politics in 2019.

Interesting look at the microfinance aspect of teacher pensions.

This is an important story and not limited to California. Housing for teachers in certain really high priced real estate markets (desirable markets or resort areas) is a real problem.

Speaking of California, is the crypt the safest place to be for charters? This commission is worth keeping an eye on. Good faith effort to avert disrupting the education of students in more than 1,000 schools, many of which are very high performing and most of which are popular with parents or a, “well, we gave it a shot, but now…” play? Some prebuttal going on already but will be interesting to see what they come up with it and what a real “compromise” might look like.

Psst guys…people are really into SEL these days.

Social background and school performance.

Chris Stewart takes the helm at Ed Post. 

This is not professional advice, legal advice, or really anything formal at all. Just informal life advice: Do not do any of the things pretty much anyone in this article does.