Everybody Knows Small Schools Don’t Work! Plus, Guns In Schools Is A Really Bad Idea…Discipline, Bennet, Predictions, More…

I don’t know if history repeats or rhymes but regardless it’s ridiculous that in 2019 Paul Hill has to write this.

Education suffers from a real “everybody knows” problem where lots of bad information is taken as fact and often passed along by credulous media – charter school and school choice data, teacher pay, teacher credentialing, TFA teacher performance, NCLB outcomes, and how people learn are just a few examples. Another one that comes up a lot is “small schools,” which are now casually dismissed as something that didn’t work despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, for instance this new study. What’s particularly interesting is that small schools are a strategy traditional public school districts can employ and it’s another way that choice can be offered within the public system. For all the braying about “privatization” it is surprising there is not more energy around that.

Here’s your periodic reminder that having teachers carry guns is an idea that generally seems to resonate most with people who have never actually been in a firefight. Also, fewer guns in schools means fewer opportunities for accidents, which while avoidable do happen.

Yeah…I wouldn’t bet a lot on this one.

New data on race and school discipline.

Education leader Michael Bennet has cancer.

Eating in class is always a touchy issue.

Get well soon.