Bellwether Is A Good Place To Work – Don’t Take Our Word For It…Plus Parkland, Testing, Choice…

Bellwether was named one of Washington’s Best Places To Work by Washingtonian.

Was at a school today that uses Summit but as they were telling me about the various tools they use they made a point of distancing themselves from that one…So, the Times story seems to have accomplished what advocates hoped. What’s ironic, of course, is that personalized learning – done well – requires good teachers and is more of a productivity enhancer than completely new way of doing things and it’s certainly not a teacher replacer.

Catherine Brown on charter schools. Tim Daly on tests.

More choice data, that as is usually the case is more interesting underneath the ‘it works” or “it doesn’t work” battle lines.

Deep dive on Parkland and PROMISE.

Williams is in meltdown!

For what it’s worth.