Vesting Periods Matter – A Lot. And Financial Models Are More Fun Than You Thought! Plus Rebecca Kantar, Haslam & Markell, PD, IDEA In Texas, More!

Tanya Skubiak on why financial models are so much cooler than you think!

Chad Aldeman on why teacher vesting periods matter – a lot.

More on Bellwether’s recent MSI report.

There are definitely political benefits to universal programs in terms of durability and support, but free college, as it’s generally proposed, is a giveaway to the wealthy. Surprised this dynamic isn’t discussed more.

This profile starts to capture the crazy genius of Rebecca Kantar and why you should pay attention to what she’s up to.

Via The 74, Bill Haslam and Jack Markell in conversation about education. has PD opportunities for teachers. K-5 courses and middle and high school. Scholarships available.

Here’s a profile of IDEA Public Schools in Texas.*


*Bellwether client. GIF via Giphy