POTUS Politics And Education, Education Lawsuits To Watch, Discipline, Cheating, More!

Jason Weeby on Indianapolis and Eight Nine? Cities.

New today: Really interesting work here from NACSA on charter authorizing.*

Laura Smith is an FBI agent by day, but she’s written one of the most interesting things on higher education and society to come along in a while. 

Keep an eye on this Montana Blaine case, significant no matter what action the SCOTUS takes. And keep an eye on this NYC lawsuit about high school admissions as well. 

Interesting op-ed on school discipline from a Queens politician. You hear a lot of this anecdotally but not a lot of space in the middle right now.’

What happened in Newark and what does it mean for Cory Booker? Dylan Scott of Vox on that. Joe Biden and busing, Jason Riley on that.

New TFA research.

Get your goat.

Who’s cheating who?

*My BW colleague Sara Mead is on their board, I’m on an advisory board, we’ve done consulting for them, so lots of overlap. Read it yourself to decide if it’s as interesting as I claim!