LA Teachers Strike, We’re All SEL Now, Measuring Poverty, Greenberg On Vance, More Gem State Facilities…More…

Ideas for Idaho charter facilities.

There are some factual problems with this New Yorker article (wealthy kids are not driving charter growth in Los Angeles, c’mon…) but what it really shows is just how bad the narrative is for the school district here and how much the teachers union has succeeded in getting its story into the larger political slipstream and moment.

Derrell Bradford does not want your teacher strike.

Student voice work gets a bump from Pathway 2 Tomorrow.

Paul O’Neill (the education attorney not the retired ballplayer) on AFC v. Success Academy. Not surprisingly, thoughtful.

Free lunch is becoming an inaccurate measure of poverty – what are the options to change that?     We are looking at this question at Bellwether, too. Not straightforward.

Meanwhile, in Portland…

Who are ESA’s benefiting in AZ? A debate! (A debate that seems answerable with good data?)

The Aspen Institute commission on SEL released its report yesterday. Not an unimportant issue and something schools should pay attention to, but does seem to be the new thing that everyone is pouring their hopes into and repackaging their ideas to fit into – and everyone is now an SEL expert, of course.

I thought it was a good and valuable book but Hillbilly Elegy always struck me as a little rushed at the end (rushed like editor saying, ‘hey, strike now….’) and Vance never quite closed the circle between structural issues and the issues he was describing. Stan Greenberg takes a look at that and questions a lot of people struggle with in a thoughtful essay.

It’s time to talk about Betsy.