LA Teachers Strike, DIY One! Plus, NCEE, Davis On Evidence, Discipline, SEL, More!

Allison Davis on using evidence and building an evidence base. Come for the interesting content, stay for the goofy pictures.

NCEE is socializing the chart on the right, it’s an interesting generational issue for the US relative to some other countries.

A lot of kids are bored in school and a lot are stressed out, this should worry us more.

This Boston Globe package on Boston valedictorians is phenomenal.

We’ve discussed how if you are not rebranding as an SEL expert you are doing it wrong. But, related, if you’re a teachers union or association and you’re not preparing a job action you’re doing it wrong, too. The Los Angeles union managed to make a class size provision they’ve basically been OK with for years a primary cause of their strike and made the schools getting the best results in the city out to be the villain. That’s pretty good, but you can probably do it if you apply yourself.

In any event, long term the teachers unions are in huge trouble and pretty much all trends auger against them and more Janus-like cases are coming. Near term? Things are not so bad! So enjoy.

More on the politics here. Unclear how not worrying about kids stuck in crummy schools is particularly progressive, but whatevs, as the kids say.

Layla Avila, Evan Stone and Cami Anderson on discipline reform.


“Teachers were less likely to report that school leadership set SEL goals than principals were to self-report goal setting”

Julia Freeland Fisher on blended learning versus personalized learning.

This is an interesting student loan article.

Joan Mulholland. Mahalia Jackson.