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Bellwether’s Jessica Cooper on “Can We Talk” and STEM.

Before the break I wrote about faddishness.


You might want to view this WSJ story on teachers leaving in droves with some skepticism.

Welcome to 2019!

Elizabeth Warren is in. She says, “The problem we’ve got right now in Washington is that it works great for those who’ve got money to buy influence, and I’m fighting against that.” Hard to argue with the sentiment and she has a record, but squaring it with her evolving education positions may be a challenge. It also points up a challenge for Democratic reformers as support for ideas like giving parents more choice in public education is in question.

School discipline: The case for the now defunct federal guidance, the case against it, the case for conversation. 

This Times deep dive on Native American education is well worth your time.

Robin Lake lays out ideas to think about in 2019.

Fun interview with a DC high school student and an innovative organization (that NBC Washington’s Leon Harris will be featuring on Friday afternoon as part of his “Harris’ Heroes” series):

I believe that those amazing moments in Alaska will help me to appreciate situations in the moment and not take them for granted. I’ve learned to make the most out of everything I experience. 

Arcane but consequential tax policy decision related to school choice.

It’s hard to find school bus drivers for a host of reasons, some this article gets into. Again worth asking if in places with broader transportation infrastructure we should be thinking about how to better integrate school transportation with local and regional transportation? Here’s a Bellwether analysis looking at the broader issues around school transportation. Here’s a video with the shorter version.

This lockdown hysteria is totally insane. We can do better.

Fallout and debate from a Virginia teacher fired over his approach to a transgender student.

School choices?

This CALDER conference is always interesting and the work innovative – and this year Bellwether’s Cara Jackson is reacting to a paper.

Only one Texas college or university graduates more than 100 black men a year – and it’s an HBCU. Texas is hardly the only state with appalling numbers like this – numbers that contribute to the problem recruiting teachers downstream – but this article takes a broader look. (Yes, Texas has fewer African-Americans per-capita than some states but with about 3m and 12% of its population it ranked 4th among states in absolute numbers and 21st per-capita in the 2010 census. The graduation rates among Texas schools further point to a problem).

Rick Hess and Brendan Bell want a new starter academy.

Brain Damage.

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