California…Idaho Facilities, Aldeman’s Caution, Success Sequence, GLSEN Climate, More!

Bellwether’s Lynne Graziano, Kelly Robson, and Juliet Squire go deep on charter school facilities in Idaho.

What were the top five teacher pension posts last year? Here they are.


Here’s an old story, this time in Tennessee: State sets unattainable goals in testing contract, contractor agrees to them to get the sale. Hijinks ensue.

Afrocentric charter schools.

A lot of talk about the “Success Sequence” lately, here’s a critique.

Where ocean breezes blow: Mike Kirst exit interview – a lot of experience here. Related: Jerry Brown had a pretty good run. Here are a few takes on that. The incoming governor, Gavin Newsom, is splashing a lot of money around, so people are happy, but here’s Chad Aldeman with a caution.

School is too boring in too many cases. Hard to argue with that. Unfortunately,  a lot of the ideas to make it less boring would also make it less educational – solving for that is a real puzzle for the sector to address.

State-by-state data from GLSEN’s school climate survey.

Woman brags about poaching deer on dating app to man who turns out to be game warden.

Tumbling Dice.