LA Fallout, Delaware Action, John White, Aspen Fellows, Why Systems Matter, Substitute Action, More!

Katie Rouse on why systems may sound boring but are vital to effectiveness. Paul Astuto on nutrition coaching lessons for education. Ashley LiBetti on DC child care workers and degree requirements.

New class of Pahara – Aspen fellows. 

Billionaire school reformers, blah, blah, blah…Paul Vallas isn’t feeling it.

In other Paul news, Paul Herdman talks about what’s next for Rodel in Delaware. The work there has driven broader ripples so worth paying attention even if you’re not a Blue Hen.

From LA: Sometimes what’s announced in a teachers’ contract deal is not the most important stuff. Also, charters are a handy scapegoat.

Don’t agree with all of this but this interview John White is thoughtful.

Here’s a look at the disaster that would befall us if more Americans graduated from college. 

This story:

In mid-October, a 67-year-old man named Joshua Rubin drove from his home in Brooklyn to Tornillo in his RV. He camped outside the tent city, and started documenting everything he saw there on a Facebook group called “Witness: Tornillo.” He wanted to make sure the lives of the children held at the facility weren’t erased from public memory.

Out of the box ways to attract substitute teachers. And here’s some good news on teacher quality. No wait…Anyway, interesting study from Martin West.

Aspects of the history of public schools are certainly not attractive but the history of vocational ed is more complicated than you may have heard. 

From Europe: The kids are alright.

Just Got Paid.