Bankert On Tight Loose, Korman On JJ, Aldeman On Pension Data, Plus ELLs, Parkland, Alexander, Bad School Information, Bad Applications, Clarence At Christmas, More!

2018 holiday book list tomorrow.

Lina Bankert on how to think about tight and loose in school networks. Chad Aldeman on how teacher pension data are a treasure trove on questions far beyond just retirement policy.

Hailly Korman on the juvenile justice bill on its way to the President’s desk. Related, have you played “Rigged” yet? First person game based on the lived experience of real students.

David Leonhardt wants more populist Democrats. I’m not sure what that looks like on education, but if it’s just “free” college then that’s less populism than a give away to the already affluent. Compelling reasons to target financial aid carefully. I’d like to see, instead, a protectionist education agenda that helps Americans get the kind of education to buffer people against the various kinds of economic disruptions they may face. Populist protectionism can tank the economy – education protectionism might strengthen it.

Very hard feelings about handling of Parkland.

Senator Lamar Alexander on President George H.W. Bush and serving as his education secretary. Also, Alexander announced he is not seeking reelection next year setting the stage for changes on the Senate HELP committee. As a governor, education secretary, university president, and senator, he has been an influential fixture on the education scene since the 1980s.

It’s hard to fact check college applications.

EdNavigator on the confusing information parents get from schools.

Some subtle but important shifts in accountability policy for ELL students are playing out around the country – here’s a TCF look at whether it’s progress or not?

20-year teacher, daughter of Catfish Hunter, passes at school.

Re-education efforts. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.