Emerging CMOs, Longstanding Problems, Pensions, Dual Enrollment…Betsy DeVos Still A Political Liability…

Thinking of growing your school network? This might be for you:

The Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF) is looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs from across the country to join the 31 talented leaders of color who have received support through the Emerging CMO Fund to date. Through the Emerging CMO Fund, CSGF will support the growth of the next cohort of high-performing, early-stage charter school networks led by entrepreneurs of color. This program is available to entrepreneurs of color who currently lead a single-site or an early-stage charter school network and want to grow one to two more great schools.

Sandy Kress sounding an alarm on accountability. Kate Walsh with one on behavior value added, too.

Predicting that Betsy DeVos is resigning is a pretty good parlor trick. It’s like calling for a stock market crash, keep it up and sooner or later you’ll be right. But with a lot of cabinet turnover looming including a complicated situation at Justice and other posts looking like they’ll come open it seems unlikely the President would send DeVos packing given the low-priority he puts on education and the effort it takes to replace any cabinet official. But, from a political standpoint if there were a reason to replace her this would be it: If you thought Democrats could use the Trump – DeVos stuff effectively in the minority, then just wait until they are controlling committees. And, DeVos has left the Dems plenty of low-hanging fruit – especially on for-profit colleges but also on other issues. Politically, her brand plus her policy preferences makes her impossible to lay off of. Even on issues where behind the scenes there is a fair amount of support (eg the Title IX regulations) no one is coming forward to defend her. That’s a political headache that is not going away.

We spend a lot of time complaining about how research doesn’t penetrate the education policy and practice space – and it’s a real problem (see for instance reading, charter schools, teacher effectiveness, etc…). But, the issue of race and teachers is an issue where research findings are evolving. Important caveats/complicated questions apply and the challenges are real, but it’s a pivot based on new research and an interesting/important one and the kind of thing we don’t see all the time.

California’s public employee pensions, including teacher pensions, which are of particular interest to key Democratic constituencies, are a ticking time bomb. Add that to the list of reasons Gavin Newsom ought to consider a 2020 presidential bid. Hard coalition splitting choices likely await before 2024.

Speaking of California, here’s an interesting Marketplace story about the tensions between protecting open space and having revenue for public services, including schools.

Dual enrollment pushing and shoving.

Here’s a bear wandering into a police station snack room.