Election Reax

Via The 74 here is a quick take a few things to watch coming out of the election including the suburban / rural split and its implications for ed reform, money, the odd couple ballot initiatives that may signal some new strategies education reformers should think about and the scene in Washington:

American voters delivered a mixed verdict Tuesday. The House flipped to Democratic control, an unsurprising outcome given the political demographics and voter concerns about health care — a top Democratic priority — this cycle. Republicans made gains in the Senate, aided by a favorable map and fallout from the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation fight. Races for governor were a mixed bag, but while marquee Democrats fell short, the party did pick up several important governorships in the Midwest, an outcome with 2020 implications.

Missing? Education. Sure, Minnesota’s new governor was a teacher and the new governor in Wisconsin was previously state education chief there, but despite the hype and the strikes, this midterm election turned on dynamics other than schools.

Still, that doesn’t mean the outcome won’t affect education policy. Here are five things to watch…

All five here via The 74.

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