Eight Cities Backstory, Bellwether Is Hiring, P2T Winners, Title IX, Teacher Policy, WeWork Goes Dry!

We are hiring a senior policy analyst at Bellwether – join us.

Eight Cities project backstory.

Do all teachers get a pension? Seems like an easy question but the answer is actually complicated.

Speaking of it depends, Kelly Robson takes a look at breadth versus depth of impact and levels of government for interventions.

First round Pathway to Tomorrow winners announced, glad Bellwether among them.

Your periodic reminder that a lot of the Washington debate about Title IX sexual assault, while important, is ultimately cosmetic because the courts are going to have a lot to say here and probably the final word. Also, here’s US News on Title IX and the culture wars.

It’s almost like there is a huge problem with a really foundational aspect of the education sector: teacher prep. But, not as consequential as you might think because:

Currently, fewer than half of all states explicitly require their districts to use effectiveness data when making dismissal decisions (22) or deciding which teachers to lay off (19).

That’s from an NCTQ analysis out this week.

WeWork cutting rations to four beers a day.